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Are dogs allowed?

No sorry, no dogs allowed due to the farm fields with surrounding livestock.

Can we have extra day guests?

Only registered guests are allowed on site and as a rule we don't allow extra day guests, but please get in touch with your request to discuss.

Can we bring extra tents?

We don't allow additional tents, we do have a bell tent that can be set up with air beds and bedding at an additional fee. Please email for further details.

Can we bring a camper van?

No we don't allow camper vans as guests can only access The Green Escape by foot. 

Do we need to bring our own bedding?

No need, once your registration form is completed we make up the beds required with bedding and bed linen.

Is there electricity on site?

There is no electricity on site, there is various battery and solar lighting and we suggest bringing portable phone chargers if required.

Can we bring speakers on site?

Yes we are happy for you to bring small portable speakers, we ask that noise levels reduce from 11pm.

Is there disabled access?

The woodland site is a 7 minute walk from the car park and has uneven ground and steps leading up to the shepherds huts so is not suitable for wheelchairs or those with difficulty walking.

Do we need to bring towels?

Yes! And toiletries, toilet paper & hand soap is provided. 

Do we need to bring cleaning products?

No need to bring cleaning products, we provide on site.

Is there drinking water?

Yes we are connected with drinking water, please do not bring single use water bottles onto site for eco reasons.

Are you open all year round?

Yes we are open all year round. The main building is made from straw bales which is one of the best type of insulations, along with the woodburning stove it is extremely warm and cosy.  All of the shepherds huts are insulated and have wood burning stoves as well as bedding and extra throws. 

Do we need to bring wood for fires?

We supply the wood, kindling, firelighters and matches for your stay for all the shepherds huts, main building, fire pit area and pizza oven so no need to bring extra. Guests are not permitted to take extra wood from the forest.

Should I bring BBQ coals?

If you plan to BBQ please bring your own coals. We provide the BBQ & utensils.

What time is check in and check out?

Check in from 3pm and check out 11am. Early / Late check outs can be arranged at an additional fee. Do get let us know if you have any special requirements.

How is the phone service on site?

It depends on your provider but most guest have good service.

Can we bring extra decorations or fireworks?

We allow extra decorations as long as they leave no lasting damage and are removed at at the end of your stay. We do not allow: plastic confetti, glitter cannons. Fireworks are prohibited due to the surrounding livestock.

How do we keep food and drinks chilled?

We supply two catering sized cool boxes. The first one is located in the main building with large ice packs, this is usually used for guest food. The second cool box can be used for drinks and we suggest bring bags of ice to keep your drinks cool (minimum 5 bags)

Do we need to bring camping chairs?

We have a fire pit area with a circle of chairs and benches and dining chairs and sofas in the main building so no need to bring with.

Do you have any baby bits?

We have two travel cots and two high chairs we can set up on request.

How does the car parking work?

Car parking is located on the neighbouring farm. ...

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