March 12, 2014

The Bales – Our secret recipe

The finished recipe!

Prep time: Considerable
Serves: All visitors to the Green Escape

Our secret recipe to creating a beautiful handcrafted sustainable building

Step1.  Take a large scoop of determination, peppered with naïve ambition.
Step 2. Mix well with a mountain of straw bales (the construction kind) and stack with individually hand carved spikes.
Step 3. This is the hard part, carry every last tool and building material across an open field (a barrow should be used for this part, if no barrow available muscles are essential)
Step 4. Add some skilled carpenters with a pinch of eccentricity.
Step 5. Spray with several tons of hand mixed lime render and allow to dry thoroughly.
Step 6. Fill with running water, gas hob, a cosy wood burner and the final and most important ingredient of all.. .LOVE.

Season well with a few frustrations, a lot of laughs and great deal of pride and serve. 
(This is best teamed with a great group of guests with an open heart!)

Foundations are down
Staking the bales
Taking shape
Working them muscles
Spraying the bales
Finishing touches
Solid oak reclaimed trees for support
Time to sit back & enjoy
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