December 05, 2014

Crafty Christmas : DIY paper star decorations

STEP 1 - You will need: Gift wrap, Ruler, Pencil, Scissors or Stanley knife, Sticky tape, Twine, Hole puncher. STEP 2 - Mark across the width of the paper. Here's some suggested sizes, but you can go as big as you like: Small star: 13cms Large star: 18cms
STEP 3 - Cut into two. STEP 4 - Fan fold both strips: Work along the paper creating a fan fold approximately 3cms.
STEP 5 - Create a point: Trim a sharp angle off one side of both strips. STEP 6 - Cut out your shape: Measure down the folded side to work out where you want your shapes to be positioned and draw on. I've done slits but you can try other options, love hearts, circles, diamonds. Once happy, Cut!
STEP 7 - Tape together the two strips and hole punch along the bottom. I did a few layers at a time. STEP 8 - Twine and tie: Thread the twine through the holes and tie allowing enough space to open the fan. STEP 9 - The exciting bit! Tape together the two edges of your star to create a circle.
STEP 10 - Hole punch and hang. You are complete...Congratulations, time for a nice cup of mulled wine!

We love home crafted Christmas decor, here’s The Green Escape super easy and very satisfying DIY tutorial for paper stars that everyone can try!

We used brown paper for our stars but wouldn’t this look lovely in array of colours or a simple muted gold! Our stars will be going on display down in our straw bale building, where will you put yours? x


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